About Us

Physicians Transport Service (PTS) was created in 1998 to provide medical transportation for the residents and visitors of the Northern Virginia area.  As the name suggests, the company was formed by a group of Emergency Department physicians intent on elevating the level & capabilities of ground ambulance transportation. 

These physicians provide both medical & professional guidance and oversight to ensure the highest capability and performance by the PTS transport teams.  This close support & oversight allows PTS medics to have a scope of practice rarely seen in either a public (9-1-1) or private ambulance companies.

Since its inception, the company has steadily increased the ratio of ALS/Critical Care-to-Basic Life Support (BLS) calls, and is approaching a 1:1 ratio.  This ratio serves to enhance our medics' capabilities, skills, and confidence.


Knowledge, Caring, & Experience
The focus for providers at PTS is on knowledge, caring, and experience.  Operating from both free-standing Emergency Departments and dedicated EMS stations, our EMTs and Medics may be called upon to use skills such as IVs, EKGs, and arterial line monitoring on one shift, while being called on to manage NICU, PICU, or cardiac transfers on the next. 

Advanced Life Support and Critical Care medics utilize a broad spectrum of medications, monitoring equipment, and procedural medical equipment.  Providers are evaluated regularly on their skills and abilities to ensure the highest level of care.

This call variety coupled with opportunities to provide long-distance transports from locations as far away as Boston to Myrtle Beach to Chicago to Dallas provide our personnel with a well-rounded opportunity to grow & develop their skills.


Standardized Vehicles & Equipment
PTS currently maintains a fleet consisting Type-1 and Type-3 ambulances manufactured by Horton, Northwestern Emergency Vehicles, and American Emergency Vehicles (AEV).


PTS uses the Philips HeartStart MRX cardiac monitors.  The HeartStart MRX has advanced cardiac monitoring capabilities, both automated and manual defibrillation modes, and meets the most all current American Heart Association CPR guidelines for delivering biphasic defibrillation. 

With lifting injuries being one of the leading causes of disability to EMS providers, PTS has standardized all ambulances in the fleet to use Stryker Power-Pro XT stretchers.  The Power-Pro XT is a battery-powered hydraulic cot making the patient lifting & loading process easier on the provider and making for a safer move for the patient.  PTS also has 2 MX-Pro Bariatric Transport cots, which more safely handle patients that fall into the Bariatric category.

In addition to Power-Pro XT hydraulic cots for the lifting & transport of pataients, PTS is proud to be the first private transport company in Northern Virginia to use the HoverMatt and HoverJack.  The HoverMatt allows a provider to slide a Bariatric patient from one bed to another with almost no effort.  The HoverJack allows PTS crews to move patients off of floors or to lift them from a lower level to a higher level again with a minimum of effort.  PTS's expertise in the Bariatric patient movement realm has allowed us to become a mutual aid agency to a number of county & city fire-rescue agencies when they encounter a larger patient they cannot safely move.