Billing Department
Phone:  (877) 502-7088
10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Physicians Transport Service is a private ambulance company which specializes in transports to and from healthcare & tertiary facilities.  We are usually requested to respond to a patient's location by a facility case manager, physician, or other healthcare provider.  Services to the patient are billed based on the level of care provided. 

When your Physicians Transport Service transport team arrives, the patient or their authorized party are asked to sign a Permission to Transport/Medical Necessity Form (PMNC).  This form gives PTS permission to transport the patient, as well as to release your information in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Physicians Transport Service will make every effort to bill services provided to all applicable insurance companies. 

Our Billing Department is available to assist you with any questions you may have about your transport service, as well as to file eligible claims with your insurance company. 

When calling, please have your account number, which will be listed on any bill that you may receive.

You may also e-mail our Billing Department at  Please include your account number and any other pertinent information in your e-mail.


Insurance Plans:

Physicians Transport Service participates with Medicare and many other major insurance plans.


HIPAA Regulations:

Please note that due to federal HIPAA regulations, we may not discuss any specific patient information with anyone other than the patient or those who the patient has designated in writing.  This includes the patient's transport destination, disposition, and medical condition(s). 

For more information on HIPAA regulations, please visit our HIPAA information page.