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HIPAA Information

In 1996, the federal government began the process of formulating rules and regulations pertaining to the protection of patient records.  By 2000, the final regulations were published and placed into effect in April, 2003.

The regulations cover two major components:  What information we can release or exchange with other healthcare providers or insurance companies, and how your protected health information (PHI) must be stored.

Physicians Transport Service is committed to 100% compliance with federally-mandated HIPAA requirements.  From mandatory training for all staff to ensuring our computer systems are secure, be assured that your medical information will be fully protected.


Patient Notification:
All patients transported by PTS will be notified of their rights under HIPAA.  Prior to transport, the patient or his/her designee shall be required to sign a Patient Medical Necessity (PMNC) form.  A copy of that form, as well as a copy our HIPAA BrochureAdobe Acrobat (PDF) File, will be given to the patient (the brochure is now printed on the back side of the PMNC form). The brochure includes information on your rights, our responsibilities, who to contact for questions on your account and more. 

A copy of this brochure can be downloaded HEREAdobe Acrobat (PDF) File (in Adobe PDF format).


Information Requests:
In order to comply with HIPAA regulations, please be advised that we are unable to discuss your records, treatments (if any), or billing/insurance information with anyone other than the patient and those who the patient has designated on the HIPAA privacy form.  This includes disclosing what facility/facilities the patient was transported to.

If you wish to designate someone with whom we may release your information to, please notify the transport team at the time you sign the Patient Medical Necessity form.  You may also designate an authorized individual by letter sent to our Billing department.


Need More Information?
For more information on our privacy policies, please download our HIPAA BrochureAdobe Acrobat (PDF) File.  This document outlines your rights and answers other frequently answered questions. 

You may also refer to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service's websiteExternal Link - Opens in New Window for more specific information on HIPAA.

To reach our HIPAA Privacy Officer, please contact our office at (571) 323-0800 or e-mail the Officer at