Physicians Transport Service is dedicated to the best in patient care for patients being transported between hospitals, nursing homes, tertiary facilities, physicians' offices, and homes. 

Each patient is assigned an appropriate level of care based on the initial call request from the requesting facility.  Those levels of care include:

We also offer specialized transports, including:


Critical Care Transports
Critical care transports are reserved for the most critically ill or injured patients.  Critical care transports require the highest level of care, usually with at least one Paramedic who is certified as a Critical Care Transport medic and one other advanced life support (ALS) provider. 

Criteria for critical care transports include:

  • New ventilator patients
  • Arterial lines
  • Aortic balloon pumps
  • On or requiring vasoactive medications, such as Nipride or Dobutamine
  • On or requiring paralytics and/or sedatives, such as Vecuronium, Etomodate, Versed, or Propofol

To schedule a patient transport, contact the PTS Communications Center at (703) 941-7025.



Advanced Life Support Transports
Advanced Life Support (ALS) transports are designed for patients who need a level of care between critical care and basic.  These types of transports may include adult & pediatric transfers and admissions, transfers for specialized cardiac procedures, and trauma transfers.

Criteria for ALS transports include:

  • Have an IV or IV drip established
  • Need EKG or SpO2 monitoring
  • Have chest tubes in place
  • Have the potential need for advanced cardiac care
  • Have the need for medications for pain, respiratory distress, nausea, arrhythmias, and antibiotics

To schedule a patient transport, contact the PTS Communications Center at (703) 941-7025.



Basic Life Support Transports
Basic Life Support (BLS) transports are reserved for stable patients who do not need advanced cardiac monitoring and usually do not need IV fluids.  These types of transports may include facility discharges, psychiatric transports/transfers, rehabilitation transfers, and medical admissions.

Criteria for BLS transports include:

  • Need supplemental oxygen therapy
  • IV (lock or KVO saline only)
  • No medications needed
  • No cardiac monitoring needed

To schedule a patient transport, contact the PTS Communications Center at (703) 941-7025.



Bariatric Transports
Physicians Transport Service has the ability to comfortably transport patients who fall into the bariatric category.  Using Stryker's MX-Pro Bariatric Transport cot, we have equipped several of our units to accept a special bariatric cot with a weight capacity of up to 1,600 pounds.  

Stryker MX-Pro Bariatric Transport

Please note that bariatric transports require a specialized response.  For bariatric transports, please allow additional time for the scheduled transport. 



Long Distance Transports
Physicians Transport has the ability to conduct long-distance transports of patients to & from facilities in Virginia, and are defined as those transports that are more than 110 miles one-way.

Patients are provided personal, one-on-one care for the duration of their trip ensuring their comfort, needs and ongoing treatments are sustained throughout the transport.

Please note that long-distance transports require advanced scheduling and staffing, and transports should be booked at least 24 hours in advance.  Additionally, by state law, transports must either start or end in Virginia.

To see photos of some of the locations we've transported patients to, click here see our Long Distance Photos page.